Corey Taylor - Halfway Down

Corey Taylor - Halfway Down
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Текст песни Corey Taylor - Halfway Down

Tell me what you think about it
Try to wrap your head around it
Either way I'm glad you found it
I guess I'm happy that the stuff isn't gone

You could drive a missile through it
Felt so good I had to do it
Get it all or nothing to it
It all depends on if the writing is wrong

When we left our feet, we never touched the ground
So baby if you're ready for me, I'm only halfway down

Tell me that you're thinkin' of it
Feel it when you're right above it
A little more I know you love it
And if you blow my cover I'll devour your smile

Do that thing that makes me need it
It all depends on how you feed it
I don't want to be conceited
But everything you do is only meant for me

When your ship came in, it nearly made me drown
So baby if you're ready, I'm only halfway down

Knock me off my feet, I wanna hit the ground
Baby if you're ready for me, I'm only halfway down
I'm only halfway down
I'm only halfway down
I'm only halfway
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